Our Oceans

Our Oceans - Their ecology and how we affect it

I've been sailing on oceans for many years and, like so many of us, I am guilty of failing to look very deep below the surface.

Most of us have such busy lives that we tend to get our information from sound bites, facebook and other instant information.

I've been a professional trainer since the 1980s and jokingly (but with some truth) say that I read books and tell people what they say. Whether that's an IT text book or an Oceanography text book, makes little difference. So, if you'd like to know more about our deep oceans, their ecology, the history of their exploration and how we humans are changing them, then these pages may be of interest.

Initially I am taking my information from an excellent (and very fully) annotated book "Silent deep" by Tony Koslow. I hope he will approve of my telling you something of what he says, in the hope that you feel motivated to discover more for yourself.

By definition, Oceanography contains a lot of definitions!

To help you, I have put together an 'Definitions' page with videos and text explaining a lot of these terms. You can access this at any time by clicking on a highlighted link (like this "Crinoids") in the text on this page. That will take you to the "Library" page. Each time you do this, it will re-open the Library, so you may need to close some of the pages it opens. I've done this so you don't lose your place in this text, every time you want to see an explanation.

So, let's start at the beginning...

Chapter 1: Oceanography - The early days

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Peter Edington

Our Oceans


Chapter 1: Oceanography - The early days

Definitions & Video Library