The Books
"The idea for my first novel came from the true account of the discovery of Spanish treasure ship, missing for four hundred years. I chose Central America's Caribbean coast as the area where my ship had been wrecked. What a fantastic region. The more you research it, the more incredible its history becomes.

The Colombian Exchange is that first novel. More than just a thriller, it reflects some of the politics and history of Nicaragua in the days of Anastasio Somoza's dictatorship.

Since finishing that book, I have completed one I started way back, after my first voyage across the Atlantic Ocean - Dead Run- a fast moving chase thriller.

Today I'm working on a full blooded political-thriller, Viva!, a trilogy based once again in Central America. It reflects the turmoil of two brothers caught on opposite sides of a civil war that divides not only a country but a family."

The Writer

Peter Edington was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1951 and lived in Malaya, where his father was attached to the Malay Regiment during the unrest of the early fifties.

In England, he was educated at Bedford School and went on to work with an old-established firm of Solicitors in Exeter, where he spent much time preparing criminal cases for clients on remand in the town’s jail. In 1974 he went to Guildford College of Law.

In 1982, he moved with his wife and three daughters to Shropshire, from where he taught Law and Business Management to General Motors dealerships around the United Kingdom.

By 1989, he had succumbed to the call of the sea and decided on a sixty-foot sailing boat. It took three years to complete while he continued to work as a lecturer but in September ‘92 the new boat was launched in Plymouth.

The author and his family spent the next two years sailing in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean.

In April 1996, he began his first book. Since then he has written two full-length novels, The Colombian Exchange and Dead Run. His third, "Viva!" is a trilogy based in turbulent Central America, an area he has come to know well. He has been represented by the Tamar Karet Literary Agency in London.

Peter's articles have been printed in British national and local newspapers and magazines and he has appeared on national Television and radio. To celebrate the millennium, he sailed half-way round the world to Australia with his family on their yacht. During this trip, the BBC made a video documentary of their voyage up the Gambia River in West Africa to deliver cataract lenses to a bush hospital 200-miles up-river for Sight Savers International. Here, Gambian surgeons performed over two hundred eye operations, restoring sight to many local villagers.

The author sailed into Sydney on the eve of the new millennium to experience life down-under. He has now started writing "Viva!"

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